Cleaning Packages


maid cleaning This is our our standard maid service that will leave virtually every exterior surface in your office spotless. It’s the same basic cleaning service you get with every company, but we do it better. In the bathroom, we polish the fixtures, mirrors, and floors. Soap scum and mildew are removed for a glistening bathtub or shower, and the shower doors or curtains will be cleaned. The room is dusted, including the air vents and light fixtures.

In the kitchen, we will clean and scrub counters. Appliances are wiped down and the floor will be damp mopped. The room is dusted and fixtures polished, and the table and chairs will also be wiped down.

In other rooms of the home, we will clean light fixtures, air vents, baseboards, wipe walls down as necessary and dust the rooms. Floors are vacuumed, so you can enjoy a clean environment.


When you want spring cleaning that includes the exterior surfaces & interior cleaning of cabinets, invest in our detailed cleaning services. We will clean out drawers, remove crumbs, wipe them down and put everything back in place. We repeat the service on cabinets and other storage areas, so you can enjoy a home that’s clean from the top to bottom. We clean the rooms into every nook and cranny, so the dust bunnies will be found and removed. In the kitchen, we will scrub the interior of all appliances per your request.


Companies have told countless jokes over the years about not doing windows, but we are proud to polish the looking glass in your home. We clean the interior and exterior of first floor windows, the interior of other windows and blinds throughout the required rooms. We are also happy to remove screens and clean them, so you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Nothing feels better than a steam-cleaned carpet that looks like new. We will move furniture out of the way, vacuum the carpet and follow up with a thorough steam cleaning that leaves the carpet looking and smelling great. This service will make your home more attractive and extend the life of your carpet.

Laundry Services

It’s easy to fall behind on laundry, but you can call us for assistance. We will wash, dry and fold the clothes at your home using the facilities you have on site. If your family is constantly telling you they’re out of pants or socks, then you can trust that our service will keep them ready to go with a closet full of clean clothes.

Outdoor Cleaning

Prepare for parties and seasonal decorating by investing in our outdoor cleaning services. We will sweep off and clean your patios, decks and even the front porch. It’s an important part of improving your curb appeal and making your home ready for entertaining.


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