Maid Service Santa Monica

We service all of Santa Monica and all surrounding areas. Schedules are so busy in today’s hectic times that it may be difficult to get apartment and housecleaning done to your satisfaction. You do not want to cut corners, but if you are employed and have family obligations, there may not be time left for cleaning. Maid service can be the perfect solution to having a clean home when you do not have the time to do the work.

What is provided by maid service?
Busy homeowners in the Santa Monica area are turning to maid service now more than ever before to get their homes spotless and keep them that way. There are many duties that a maid can take off of your hands. Some of those tasks are listed below.

1. Thoroughly vacuuming carpeted rooms and upholstered furniture.
2. Mopping and waxing uncarpeted floors.
3. Dusting windowsills, ledges, bookcases, bric-a-brac, lamps and shades, and collectibles.
4. Emptying ashtrays and waste paper baskets.
5. Cleaning kitchen appliances and countertops.
6. Scrubbing and sanitizing sinks and toilets.
7. Polishing bathroom fixtures.
8. Wiping down baseboards.
9. Tidying clutter.
10. Changing bed linens.

Why Hire a maid service?

Our maid services can provide you with the competent individuals who will perform their work efficiently. They will do an excellent job in cleaning your home or apartment to meet your specifications, and they always behave in a professional manner. You can use a maid service for normal cleaning or for heavy duty cleaning right before an important event. When a service comes out regularly, you will always have a clean home environment that looks the way you want, and your hours will be freed up for more important tasks, such as spending quality time with your family.

Maid service in Santa Monica is affordable and will provide you with peace of mind by keeping your living environment in the condition that you yourself would maintain if you had the time. You can make special requests for specific types of cleaning that are not a part of the regular services provided. Special rates may also apply in specific circumstances, such as your first cleaning.

If you do not have the time to keep your home in the pristine condition you would like or just want to free up more of your time for other activities, consider hiring a maid service to take the work out of your hands.


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